day 5/365

I love instagram. I love posting my process, work, products, semi selling them or just asking for follower feedback. I know a million other services also allows for designer/product feedback but I love the intimacy of my instagram account as a platform. I just broke over a 1K followers at the end of last year, so it's still not an insanely impossible task to comment back or to follow along with my audience, but I have been wanting to step my game up and post more strategically. 

I love instagram because it's my account, and i can post whatever the fuck i want to. Whether work or personal or travel (have considered wanting additional accounts but always felt like it's impossible to separate myself)—it's all me in one package. One day you may be looking at the breakfast I just posted, or I have a long rant about being emotional, it's all me, influencing me as a person and designer. But I also feel like I need to be able to connect the dots from a process shot and my work to an actual products. Because I have them, but without a storefront nobody even really knows... Can't just design a product willy nilly and not follow up, right? I already have too many unfinished projects and ideas. It's time to rid the closet of unfinished work. I want this year to be the year of cleaning up and focus.

So I decided to start a Monday share on Instagram, where I post a product of the week. And that is a product that will by then be in my online shop for sale. I don't have to post everything all at once online, I don't have to be always ready with everything and be perfect. This is my reminder to just keep swimming, to post one thing at a time, to work slowly and with intention and not stress over the to do list, but look back and enjoy the completed piles as well. 

It sounds very product and money oriented, and it is. Putting my work out into the universe and not asking for a fair price is also a concept that I am outgrowing. I no longer do barter work, I want to pay you for the services you provide for me, and I also want you to pay me for the things I designed, printed, and labored over. What is so wrong with being a sales person? What is so weird about promoting my work this way? I still have unanswered questions, and I still feels sticky at times, and I think that I will continue to hide in the shadows of instagram, but I also have hopes that I can peel away the layers and ask for what I am worth, what my time is worth, what my products are worth. 

Thanks for reading.