Trust the magic of beginnings

A year ago I lettered this phrase. So much and so little has changed. I still need a reminder to know everything will be ok, but I have also gotten ballsy and stepped out of my comfort zone. I completed a 200-hr teacher training, and now, I teach at 2 lovely studios. Yoga has brought me so much happiness, I cannot imagine not doing it. Yes, it adds to my schedule, but in a meaningful way. I continually tweak my schedule so it makes sense with my life, and to be frank, the best benefit of it all is what I have learned about myself to be true. 

Firstly—that I can indeed do it. Wheel pose from flip dog, 8-minute long frog poses, forearm stands... It is all about a trusting that everything I ever needed is already inside of me. 

Secondly—that time can be managed. That the over-glorification of busy is just your shitty way of saying no to something. I have found time to work, to freelance and to complete a rigorous program. If you knew of my schedule in the spring you would have never guessed I felt stressed. I was always happy and excited, because I loved what I was doing. Now that I found time to teach, I want to discover ways to get back on my mat myself. I was never good at practicing at home without a community, but I'm slowly adjusting. 

Thirdly—that change is inevitable. I'm designing this allencompassingly reka site to better manage all of my interests, to better keep track of my online profiles, and to allow for time and energy for things that matter to me. Updating sites suck. Don't know how webbies do it. 

So, to you, my friend, reading this wondering what the future holds: you don't need to know the exact details. Just trust the magic of beginnings.